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Add an Outbound Revenue Stream to your Inbound Sales Efforts

*NEVER DEPEND SOLELY ON YOUR FUNNEL! If you offer products and/or services fulfilled online, you NEED an outbound sales component to your arsenal. Engage with more leads already on your list and add significant sales volume to your bottom line. 

*Make the most of your marketing dollars! Adding a telesales professional will proactively lower your cost per lead, while increasing the efficiency of your database.

Tactical Sales Process Training

*Implementing "The Quinnsulting Method"   will help you and your sales team fine tune the skills necessary to boost sales and develop customer loyalty.


*We focus on the fundamental steps necessary to guide a prospect through the sales process and close more business.

*Set more appointments with decision makers and increase sales!!!

1 on 1 Coaching

*Take your current skills to the next level. Improve your own results now!


*Prep for an upcoming interview, refine your skills for an entrepreneurial venture or earn higher commission in your current position.

* Increase your skills and have more to offer your clients!!!

Corporate Culture Design and Implementation

*Ensure a positive customer experience from employees who have a positive work environment. 

*Improve communication and overall experience for employees and customers.

Develop Effective Communication Tactics

*Begin using effective techniques to help communicate with various behavior styles.

*Learn how to convey benefits to your prospects and clients, regardless of personality type.

Client Testimonials:

"I can't recommend Rob Quinn more highly. He is highly professional and qualified, very personable and confident, always looking to improve, and commits 110%. Above all, he gets results that far surpass expectations. I expect any company looking to grow will discover that Rob is a key ingredient of future success." - 

"Rob Quinn with Quinnsulting helped us launch a new side of our business at The Darwin Agency. It involved selling high-ticket products via telesales. In just 6 months we went from $0 in sales to an average of $80k/month in sales. He achieved this by hiring the right sort of salespeople and creating/implementing sales processes that worked just like he said they would. If you have the opportunity to work with Quinnsulting to build your sales team, jump on it!" - 

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